Christmas Fun & Photos with Santa at Five Points Mall


Better Memories Photography has provided the Santa Photo service at the Five Points Mall every year since 2011, and we LOVE hearing your feedback!  If you have already visited Santa, please take a moment to leave a brief review of the service here, thanks:)

We asked our visitors to rate their experience from 1 to 10 and then to explain why, we received an overwhelmingly positive response:

10 Took the time to explain the different package information to me. Also the kids really enjoyed speaking with Santa.
10 I always have great service every year that i have visited to get photos with Santa. You guys are great with the little ones specially under the age of 5.
10 Great Santa!!! Looked very real!
10 Lovely the way Santa came ho ho ho ing…no line up:-P
10 The service was great with a happy environment. Also i think your Santa does a very good job he is very in tune with the children.
10 Everyone was extremely friendly, and there was not much waiting time at all.  My kids also loved Santa, he spends time talking to them and making an effort.  It’s not just a picture!
10 I have been getting my sons Santa picture with Better memories, for the past three years.I would recommend them to everyone!They are patient, kind, and take a few photos, unlike other people where they take one, and that’s the photo you get.
9 my daughter decided to scream when we did our pictures. You allowed us to come back when she had calmed down instead of taking the picture with her a mess. She sat for the others great. Thank you….your service was quick and the pictures look great.
10 Great experience for myself, my husband and our son.  I wouldn’t have changed anything.
10 Excellent customer service, positive attitude, great Santa and very interactive.
10 I love the look of the scenery, and the pictures turn out great! I get the best value for my money, and am always treated great! :)
10 On December 17th I took my 3 year old daughter and my niece to see Santa. My daughter was so excited to see Him! Santa made her feel so special ( he even  included her toy dog lucky) .  The service was awesome and the moment priceless .. Amazing
10 Santa was fantastic – best we’ve seen in a long package and prices reasonable service quick and staff helpful
10 Fast line and santa was able to get my daughter to sit with him. Over the 2 years she has always cried and ran from him. This year I have a picture..
10 We come to Five Points Mall for our Santa Pictures because you are well organized, the line moves quickly and everything is stress free!Thank You,Victoria
10 Quick, easy, friendly
10 The service is always friendly and Santa always takes time to talk with the kids, we have been coming here for 8 years now..we love it .thanks for the memoriescheryl
10 Fast and very friendly service. Answered all questions that I had with sound knowledge of service details. The photographer captured beautiful portrait of my child. Santa was fabulous, friendly, made my childs experience a very special one.
8 Very friendly and quick service!!!
10 Santa was great with my daughter even though my daughter didn’t like him to much. I was able to get a great picture with great help from the staff. I was really pleased. Thank you and keep up the awesome service. :)
10 the photo was amazing…we got them right there at the same time and didnt have to come back to pick them up! they also had really neat souvenirs, like snowglobes and put the photos in for us. i gave one to my mom and she loved it. friendly and fast
10 Very friendly staff. I was happy with the photo and the service overall.
10 Not a long lineup, friendly Santa and pictures were great!  Loved that we got the photos right away
10 very friendly service
9 Staff was very friendly. Service was prompt. Single santa photo was a little pricey, but worth it to avoid the crowds of other malls in the city.
10 photographer was helpful getting my son to settle down and smile. Staff was friendly and helpful
10 Everyone, including Santa was very pleasant and helpful.
10 You guys are great year after year. I was so thankful to find you and to avoid the OC. First off Santa is very patient and really works hard to help kids overcome their fears of him and it’s great to be able to pick the picture.
10 Best experience ever! We were there very early and the staff that were setting up very very friendly and helpful. They talked to our children, making our youngest feel very at ease. Santa himself was amazing, interacting with our kids. Great job guys
10 We’ve been visiting Santa at 5 points mall for 7 years now, Santa was wonderful! He took the time to speak to my 3 boys ages 7, 4, and 15mths.  The extra time he spent speaking to them was enjoyed by the 2 oldest!  I absolutely love my picture!
10 Very friendly staff!
10 It was nice to be able to take the time to look through the photos to pick the best one.  Also, lots of shots to choose from.
9 Was satisfied with the service.
9 Pleasant staff.  Reasonable prices and same day service.
10 Quick moving lineup, friendly Santa
10 Fast and efficient!
10 The Santa was wonderful and the photography was great quality and super fast. It only took 15-20 mins from arrival to departure and there was a good line of people ahead of us. I came last year and will come back next year!!!
9 quick, friendly
10 Very professional fast and friendly.
10 Everyone there was very up beat and excited to help out and the service was outstanding. The picture turned out perfectly!
10 The staff was nice
10 People were great  it was clean an Santa was great with the kids
10 Santa was so sweet, he saw that my daughter was shy but curious and he took the time to glance at her and wave to help her feel more comfortable. The other staff was helpful and informative and their attention was the reason that we did buy a package
10 We come to the same spot every year to do our Santa pictures. The staff is always welcoming and happy to accommodate. They take the time to make sure not only that the kids are happy and excited to see but that the parents are happy too! Thank you!
10 Very good with the children, and patient with the ones that aren’t happy to be on santas knee
8 the line up was a little un organized but other than that they were quick n friendly.
10 It was great because there was no line up, santa was excellent with the kids, and I got my pictures right away.
9 Fast and efficient.  Very good, only gave 9 cause there is always room for improvement… but not even sure what that might be.
10 The ladys were helpful and pleasant Santa was great… Loved last years Santa but this one was great that it didn’t disappoint.
10 The staff including Santa Clause  at the oshawa location were terrific and my kids had a great experience!,
10 Quick service and ladies working the line and table were very friendly
10 Super friendly staff, didn’t feel rushed through, reasonable prices.
10 Santa was excellent with recalcitrant children and the speed was not rushed but quick enough not to induce young children to become bored.
10 Everyone was incredibly friendly, especially Santa. There was a line up but it moved really quickly. Quality of the photo was really good too.


More reviews:

“We come here every year, I don’t know why anyone would go anywhere else. We have 5 kids ranging from 1-18 yrs old. One year our baby cried and cried and the entire staff including Santa were patient and kind. No crazy line up and amazing staff!”

“I can’t think of anything (to suggest to improve), love it here!”

“I am not sure if you are the right person I should have contacted but I had to write about our experience at 5 Points Mall.  If you are not the correct individual please forward to them. - I had the pleasure of bringing my 2 beautiful Grandchildren to have their picture taken with Santa on Saturday December 15.  I have to say that I was extremely impressed with Santa!  He was fantastic!!  He took the time to talk with the kids before they sat with him, making them feel very comfortable.  I think they were most impressed with how Santa took the time to read their letters to him and laugh with my Granddaugter when he looked at the picture she had drawn for him.  I know I was impressed with that!  What a wonderful experience they had.  I’d also like to say what beautiful photos!!  I have one at my work station and have had several very nice comments about it.  I have told all my friends about this wonderful Santa and we will be back next year for another visit with Santa.  Thank you so much for a fantastic job all around.  Please forward to Santa!! Thank you. Joanne”" I came to the 5 Points Mall instead this year, and I was so impressed with how quickly we got through the line to see Santa, and the photos are great!!!”

“Paying the small fee for your photo service to see Santa is SO worth it, the lineup was very reasonable, and you get an actual printed photo with it”

“My son told Santa all the gifts he wanted, I really like how Santa took the time to talk to each of the kids”

“I really liked that the photographer took a few different shots to choose from, so I could pick the one I liked the best”

“I came hoping that my 1 year old wasn’t going to cry through the whole thing – well, she did start crying when she got near Santa.  So the photographer suggested I sit in the photo with my baby which calmed her down.  I asked the lady printing the photos to zoom in on the photo so I was mostly cut out of it, actually the picture turned out really good I was surprised” 

“The best place to get photos with Santa”

“I was surprised by the high quality of the photos, I will definitely come back next year 

“Friendly people, great Santa, and the lineup was not too bad either!”

“I remember when you used to have to order your photos and pick them up the next day, but now how you are printing them out right away, it’s way better.”

” I only planned on getting one photo, but it turned out so cute that I know the grandparents will want a copy too, so I’m getting a few extras. The cost is reasonable and less than I expected”

“My son cried for Santa, but I guess it will be sort of funny to have the crying picture to show him when he’s bigger! My older daughter has one of those too and now it makes her laugh like crazy.”

“Last time I went somewhere else and waited 2 hours in line, and it was a very disappointing experience on all levels.  So glad I decided to try Five Points Mall this time, it was great and really fast so we had a lot of time for shopping!”

“Santa was so nice, he made it a good experience for each of the kids”

“I am telling everyone I know to come here.  It is the best place to see Santa anywhere around.”

“I didn’t know you get the photos right away, that’s awesome!”

“Thank you so much for everything – I’ll come back again definitely”

“My kids don’t have the attention span to wait for hours, so when I saw that there were only a few people in your lineup – I was relieved. It probably also helps that I came by in November, I don’t know how busy you will get now that everyone is telling their friends about this place.”

“The lineup was long and I had to wait about half an hour, but  that’s still much better than at the other shopping centre.  The photos were really good though.”

“Every year we buy your photo snowglobes for our parents – they love them and it’s a very inexpensive personalized gift, which works great for us”

“I am surprised how quickly you printed the photo, and I love it!”

“We live close to Five Points, and I am so glad Santa comes here.  We just walk over, the photos you do are surprisingly good quality, and a good price “